Jeff's Apology to All Women

Jeff apologized today because he used to work with a man who did not consider a qualified woman for a promotion
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This is why International Women's Day & the Women's Strike is Important

Today Jenn shared a touching video that showcased the importance of women in the workplace & society in honor of International Women's Day & the Women's Strike: A Day Without Women. We received a phone call from “Marietta Mike” who was prompted to call our show after hearing Jenn talk about...
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USA Women's Soccer Team

Tingle Totally Pranked Us!

The USA Women's Soccer Team filed suit to be paid just as much as the USA Men's National Team, because they make about 40% of what the men are making even though they brought in $20 million more in revenue than the guys last year. Jenn had a very strong opinion about how they should be paid equally...
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