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Lenny Kravitz

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Lenny Kravitz Give the "Low" Down on New Song

Lenny Kravitz talks new song "Low"!
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WATCH: Meghan Trainor's Dad is EVERYTHING

Yeah, so, it's official -- we want to be adopted into Meghan Trainor 's family. Turns out, being part of the "No Excuses" singer's clique has some legit perks! Like being on her album for starters. WHAT!?!? RELATED: Meghan Trainor is Back With 'No Excuses' Not only did we find out that Meghan's new...
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WATCH: James Bay on 'Wild Love' & His Most Unpredictable Dream-Collaboration

James Bay's new single, "Wild Love," hit our airwaves today (February 8), and we are OBSESSED with this track. So we HAD to catch up with James to get the inside scoop on this brand new track. Plus, the "Let It Go" singer also opened up about about his dream collaboration, and even his strategy for...
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Vance Joy

WATCH: Vance Joy Uses Three Words To Describe 'Nation of Two,' Taylor Swift, Skateboarding, & More

Vance Joy has a lot to celebrate. Watch him use three words to describe his upcoming album and more!
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LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Opens About Struggles of Being a Famous Parent of a Toddler

Kelly Clarkson is one of the most honest and real celebrities that you could ever meet. Yes, we've known that for years, but we are reminded about how honset and real she is whenever we get to hear from her. We recently caught up with Kelly Clarkson for an exclusive interview where she opened up...
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LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Talks About Her Favorite Tracks to Perform on Stage

Kelly recently caught up with us for an EXCLUSIVE interview, so we asked her about her favorite songs to perform live.
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WATCH: Irish Rockers The Script Discuss The Real Reason Behind Their Hiatus & More

The Script seemingly disappeared in 2015. What happened? The band explains the reasons behind their hiatus, and talk about their return to music in our exclusive interview.
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EXCLUSIVE: Irish Rockers The Script Say "Divided States of America" is Actually a Love Song

Irish pop rockers The Script are back with a new album after two year hiatus. However, the title of one track in particular on that album definitely caught our attention this week. So we asked the guys ( Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan & Glen Power ) about that song, which is titled "Divided...
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WATCH: Rachel Platten Reflects on the Impact Of "Fight Song" & More

Rachel Platten 's double-platinum hit "Fight Song" has been heard everywhere for the past years. So does the 36-year-old pop star ever get sick of talking about the track? We asked her that very question in part two of our EXCLUSIVE interview.
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Portugal. The Man

WATCH: Portugal. The Man Describe Their Worst Food Experiences in This Exclusive Interview

You know how when you go on a road trip, it seems that with each mile you log, you pass another 3-5 fast food chains? Imagine being on the road for months at a time. Surely you'd get sick of the same-old, same-old. So what does one eat? Hot dogs, apparently—or should we say “bus dogs”?
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