Jenn's House is Haunted

And we've got paranormal investigators in-studio to prove it.
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Is Jenn's House Really Haunted?

Calling all skeptics! Jenn had an official paranormal investigation at her house this past Saturday, and she's gonna freak you out.
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Is Jenn's House Haunted?

There's been some strange activity happening around Jenn's house. Maybe even paranormal activity?? Is Jenn's House Haunted? The weird just keeps getting weirder, people! Jenn needs advice, how do you KNOW for sure that it's haunted? Is Jenn's House Haunted? UPDATE...
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Jenn's Movin' On Marietta!

The day is finally here! Goodbye Midtown and hello Marietta.
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Angie Keilhauer

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 30, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. Marietta's Angie Keilhauer, a contestant on this season of The Voice, talked to Jeff and Jenn from Nashville after performing in The Voice's Knockout Round.
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