Brunch All Night 2017 - Survey

We really hope you enjoyed Brunch All Night at Terminal West on Saturday, June 17th! You could REALLY help us out if you could take this 90 second survey and help us to better plan next year's event. We really want to make sure you guys get your money's worth in the events that we do. Thank you...
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Want a Second Date? Eat and Drink These Items on the First Date

Not only is fried chicken delicious, but it turns out that it might be the best thing to get on a first date! This is pretty crazy, right? The dating app Hinge conducted a survey of 8,000 of their users to find out what date activities and food lead to the greatest success. Of course, success was...
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Survey: Puppies Make You More Attractive, Cats Make You Less Attractive

Cat lovers are going to hate this study. A new survey says that having a dog is sexier than having a cat. Petsies showed 1,000 respondents pictures of people that they were attracted to with and without dogs and cats . They were trying to figure out which looked more attractive. Petsies creates...
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