Jeff Ruins Halloween

How much do you want that delicious candy now?
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The VaJury: The Hot Trainer

It's time to hear TJ's case: Should he ditch his trainer because his wife thinks she's too attractive?
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Jenn Exercise

Jenn Meditates on Her Anger Issues!

Jenn went to a new place, Atmasphere, to exercise, and you can go cycling, do yoga, and meditate. She REALLY needed to mediate because she needed help with some frustrations. It was a guided meditation, but with a modern twist. The room was glowing, everyone was sitting on pillows, and everyone was...
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Best Diet Ever!!

A 350 pound guy from Colorado decided to eat Chick-Fil-A for one year straight and that coupled with exercise helped him lose 140 pounds! He would eat the heathier things on the menu once or twice a day. It’s been four years and he’s still eating Chick-Fil-A and exercising. Could this be an unusual...
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Jeff and Jenn and Shelly

All the Feels: Shelly is Inspirational

Jeff & Jenn fell in love with Shelly over Instagram ( @seeshellpost ) & her awesome attitude about life. Shelly weighed 374.4 pounds & has lost about 90 pounds & shared her story in pictures on instagram. Like Jeff says, this isn't just a weight loss journey it's an inspirational...
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One Minute Workout

Don't think you have enough time to work out every day? Jeff found out how a ONE minute intense workout routine 3x a week (that's three minutes of working out for anyone mathematically challenged) can get you the same results as a 45 minute work out! Don't believe us? Check this out. One Minute...
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Our Listeners Give Jenn Tips on Sneaking in Exercise

Jenn has been busy working since the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show, and she is on mommy duty as soon as she gets home. So she hasn't had much extra time to exercise. Our listeners call in with tips of their own on how to sneak those workouts in throughout her day.
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Jenn's Running Shoes

Jenn Needs Exercise Advice!

Jenn finally has the gear but not the time! She has been super busy working since the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show, and then she is on mommy duty as soon as she gets home. This leaves little time for extra things like exercise. So when should she do it? Our listeners call in with tips of their...
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Couch to 5K

Jenn Needs Help Going Couch to 5K!

Jenn feels she needs to lose the last little bit of baby weight she has after giving birth 5 months ago. Her older daughter, Lauren, even asked her if she's having another baby. So, Jenn downloaded the Couch to 5K app to get her going on a steady pace of running. The thing is, she needs the...
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