Join Jeannine for Polar Plunge 2018

Support Special Olympics of Georgia! Please donate to reach our $1000 goal, or join Jeannine's team too!
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Thanksgiving Taste Test

Can Jeff & Jenn guess these foods blindfolded?
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Guess That Candy: With Jeff Dauler

Will he guess right? Or will Jenn get to use a water gun to shoot him in the face?
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My Pet Knew I Was Pregnant

Turns out pets can tell when you're pregnant, and they do all sorts of weird things to show it too.
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Awesomely Awkward: The Swimsuit Edition

Summer's finally here, and that means swimsuit season. So share your swimsuit fail stories with us!
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What's With La Croix?

Jeff's wife Calle has joined countless others in this crazy addiction. What's so great about it?!
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Lake Lanier

Jeff & Jenn's Perfect Wedding Pitch

Jeff & Jenn have teamed up with Lanier Islands to give one lucky couple the wedding of their dreams! Worth $20,000, this package is the real deal. But it's a contest folks, so you're gonna have to work for it. Share with all your engaged friends! The entry window closes February 15th, enter the...
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Tuna Sandwich

Bizzare Foods: What’s Your Weird Combination?

Burger King is coming out with a new side, Cheetos Puffs stuffed with Mac and Cheese! They’re calling in Mac n’ Cheetos. That made us wonder what everyone else’s weird food combinations are. Jill called in saying that she loves having water in her cereal instead of milk. How gross! Luke likes Ritz...
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Jeff Drinks Placenta

Jeff Brought in a Placenta Pill

We spoke with Todd earlier in the week, he’s expecting his first child! Todd wanted to know how placenta tastes because his wife wanted both of them to try it. A lot of people called in saying the hospital would encapsulate it for them. Well, Jeff was able to get his hands on some placenta pills...
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Around the Room: Stealing

A story came out on a guy who was arrested for filling his cup with soda when he asked for water and didn't pay. Because of his prior arrests, he now faces up to 5 years in prison. All over a cup of soda! The Jeff and Jenn Show went around the room to share their own stories of things they have...
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