Bad Gift Academy Awards

Who can act like they LOVE these terrible gifts the best? There's a lot on the line for whoever loses too...
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The VaJury: Momma's Boy Mayhem

The case of the Momma's Boy is a tough one, is he sweet for calling for a half-hour every day? And texting? And letting her buy his underwear?
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The VaJury: The Hot Trainer

It's time to hear TJ's case: Should he ditch his trainer because his wife thinks she's too attractive?
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Intern Zoe

Meet Our Intern Zoe!

甄妮喜欢与不同的实习生交流! 而年, 杰夫和珍妮录取了一位来自中国的实习生, 她叫佐伊。 她是个有意思的人,甚至第一语言并非英语。 所以刚来美国的时,她经历了一些文化碰撞。 比如说,她不知道炸鸡和鸡脚的区别 可是,亲爱的读者,为什么鸟类的手指和脚有不同呢? (And if you want to know what this says, use Google Translate !) Meet Intern Zoe After talking with Zoe, we thought who better to judge American Chinese food than our...
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