The Vajury: My Savage Sister-In-Law

Is J.R. aloud to tell his sister-in-law to shut it?
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Jenn's Opinions on Three Things

Everyone listen up, Jenn's got something to say!
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A New Dating Segment?

Jeff's idea for a new segment might not be our usual route, but should we try it anyway?
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Can You Always Trust A "Woman's Intuition"?

Is a "woman's intuition" really right all the time? And if not, how can you tell?
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Unpopular Opinions

What's with all the Beyonce hype anyway?
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Listener Megan Isn't Happy With Us

Sorry we're not sorry.
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Selfie on a Date

Selfie on a First Date

Jeff’s friend went out on a first date last night & found out she has mutual friends with the guy. Cool, right? Maybe even picture worthy? Maybe not so much… She asked to take a selfie and her date wasn’t into it. In fact, he was so set on not taking a selfie with her it made the rest of the...
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Creepy Guy

How to Tell if a Guy is Creepy

Fellas, listen up. Women determine if they think a guy is creepy or not in SECONDS. It’s time to figure out if you’re that creepy guy when you’re out. And to help you do so, Jeff and Jenn were joined by Producer Kelly Cheese and Intern Alexa to give their thoughts. So, what makes a guy instantly...
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