What's got you feeling great about life today?
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All The Feels

Want to do good in the Atlanta area this weekend? We've got a few awesome causes you can help out!
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What The Florida

Jenn's home state of Florida may be the sunshine state, but it really doesn't have the brightest people.
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You Just Bought It & Destroyed It Within Minutes

Have you ever bought something & destroyed it within minutes or days of having it? These listeners feel your pain. You Just Bought it & Destroyed it Within Minutes
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Kid in Bouncy House

Jenn HATES Bouncy Houses

Jenn's heading to a birthday party this weekend with her 3 year old daughter, Lauren, and there's something at the party she's not excited about - the bouncy house. That big inflatable house where kids can jump around and have fun, but it's also a place where kids could get hurt very easily. And...
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