Rap Battles

Monday Morning Rap Battles

It's Monday morning & you know what that means. It's time to rap battle! Reigning champ Jeff got to pick the topics this week & he's coming back with confidence after his big win last week. MMRB 1 09.12.16.mp3 You don't want to miss this, Producer Jeannine crushes the competition. Monday...
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Jeff and Jenn Studio

Monday Morning Rap Battle: We Have a Surprising New Champ!

After two weeks off, Monday Morning Rap Battles have returned! Jenn Hobby is our reigning champ, so she picked today's (errrr very specific) topics. Monday Morning Rap Battle - August 29, 2016 It could've been the topics or the long wait between rap battles, but everyone was on the struggle bus...
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Monday Morning Rap Battles: Intern Alexa Dethrones Producer Kelly Cheese!

Producer Kelly Cheese won our Rap Battle last Monday so she got to pick the topics this week. Spilling coffee all over yourself on the way to work, farting on an airplane, Taylor Swift drama, & Pokemon Go we're on the list today....and who knew Intern Alexa would crush the competition with her...
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