How Did Your Kid Sell You Out?

Jenn's daughter told her teacher Jenn's favorite drink was "Wine." When did your kid throw you under the bus?
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There's a Lot on the Line for Scott and Even More for Sweetwater

People make bets when there's this much excitement in the air, and when the Dirty Birds win in Houston those bets are going to pay off BIG. Maybe it's an awesome tattoo of Arthur Blank riding a falcon holding a trophy. Or maybe it's even bigger than that. Maybe our very own homegrown Sweetwater...
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Jeff Beer

Craft Beer or Baby Name?

Let's be honest, celebrity baby names can be weird. Like, really weird. But the names of craft beers can also be pretty weird and random. So, Jenn put Jeff to the test. She read out names that are either the names of craft beers or celebrity babies. Jeff thought the game was going to be easy, but...
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