We Need YOUR Help!

Remember Monica? YOU sent her over 2,500 smile grams so she could have the best 21st birthday at #CHOA. Welp, we're back at it again and this time it's for 11 year old Travis. Introducing Travis Monica told us how awesome it felt to receive so much love from our listeners and she knows how good it'...
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting: Where's Darren??

UPDATE: We found Darren, and just like we thought he was avoiding Monica! Darren's wife found some messages on his computer, and she wasn’t too pleased. Darren wants to respect his wife wishes, so he had to stop talking to Monica. Happy wife, happy life right? He wants Monica to know she’s a wonder...
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Song for Monica & Pitbull the Cat

We are now known as that radio station that writes songs for cats. We wrote a song for Susan and her cat, Chuck, to the tune of Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound”, and now we have written one for Monica and her cat, Pitbull. Of course since the cat’s name is Pitbull, we wrote the song to the famous...
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