Minis In Your Mouth: Sarah Stepmom Edition

We play again but this time with some quotes from Sarah the Stepmom!
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Jenn's Got Jokes: Easter Edition

Jenn's got ALL the good Easter jokes!
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I Can Admit It, I Was An Idiot

What took you wayyyyy too long to figure out?
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Kevin G Drops The Meat

Kevin Gillepsie joins us to show off a VERY interesting skill he's acquired from his many years as a renowned chef.
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Producer David is a Cow

5 Levels of Moo

There are fewer things Producer David loves more than Chick-Fil-A. There are even fewer things he loves more than FREE FOOD. So when the two can be combined, he will do ANYTHING. And by anything, we mean dress in different levels of a cow costume to see what he can get. He and our intern Jeannine...
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Intern Zoe

Intern Zoe and Chinese Food

Our intern Zoe is from China, but goes to school at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and was confused about a few things when she first came over to the United States. She was talking to her friends about food, and she thought that chicken fingers were the same thing as a delicacy in China.....
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