The VaJury: Cold Comforts

His girlfriend babies him A LOT when he's sick. How much is too much?
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Potato Glenn Is Back...And Angry

Kelly Cheese got ripped off! Glenn's upset with her, but he's got a new request too.
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Pop The Question

The fun game where we answer all sorts of squirmy and uncomfortable questions. The kinds you'd NEVER want to answer in front of your coworkers.
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Jeff and Jenn Show Bandages

Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery and Jeff Is Freaked!

UPDATE: Our sweet Jenn came to work with bandages on her face (side note: she still looks AH-dorable) today after her minor surgery she had to remove skin cancer. Jeff's still squirming in his chair over all this surgery talk. We got the low down from Jenn's nurse, Ashley, who told us warning signs...
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