Teachers! It's Summer and we want to help you celebrate!

Hey Teachers! You worked HARD this past year... we know this. And we can never thank you enough for everything that you did for our kids this past year... and every year. And we are so excited for you to enjoy some well-deserved time off! And we want to take care of a night out for you with a $100...
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What The Florida

Between breaking into a house with a butterknife, and bringing a horse into the club..these stories will have you saying, What The Florida!
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Where Do You Hide When You Need A Break?

Between kids, family, and work, where do you go to get away from it all?
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Pray for Orlando

Talking Out the Orlando Massacre on the Jeff and Jenn Show

Here's the deal with the Jeff and Jenn Show today: If you want hard news, graphic details, to-the-minute updates ... that wasn't us today. If you want discussions on gun control, borders, religion, candidates, the Constitution and laws ... that wasn't us today. If you want to completely ignore what...
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