#TBT: The First Hip Hop Song You Memorized

It's #TBT & this round was all about the first hip hop songs we memorized. First up was Jeff, Producer Jeannine, & Director JP. TBT The First Hip Hop Songs You Memorized Part 1 JP killin the competition! Up next, Jenn & Kelly Cheese. TBT The First Hip Hop Songs You Memorized Part 2
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Music Festival

#TBT: Favorite Summer Song

It is officially summer now, so what better way to celebrate that than to talk about our favorite summer songs EVER! Marino’s favorite summer song is “Summer Girls” by LFO, a definite throwback! Jeff says that lyrically it’s the worst song EVER written! Marino also loves “Summer Love” by JT himself...
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#TBT: It's Our Graduation Song

Graduation season has arrived and each one of shared a song from the year we graduated (Which was a long long time ago for some of us). All of our songs were fun and upbeat, and we had such nostalgia listening to them. Our listeners even shared their own graduation songs with us! Throwback Thursday...
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