music festival

Music Festival

David About Town: Music Midtown "Bands"

The Music Midtown lineup has been officially announced, and we couldn’t be more excited! With acts like DNCE, Kesha, and Daya, it’s bound to be an incredible festival this year! So, Producer David took to the streets to see how excited people are about the lineup. But he didn’t ask about the...
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Baby at Music Festival

Jenn's Open Letter to Parents who Take their Kids to Music Festivals

People who bring babies to music festivals, Hey there mom and dad! News Flash, you are now parents. That means your love for Widespread Panic, Music Midtown, and all things jam bands has to take a backseat to your child. I know your passion for live music far exceeds your abilities to see things...
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Producer Kelly Goes to the Hangout Festival

Producer Kelly's Rules for Music Festivals

Producer Kelly is OBSESSED with music festivals, she goes to as many as she can each year. She says she has a music festival season, and she is in the middle of it! This weekend, she is going to Hangout so we got her to give us the rules she lives by when going to those festivals. Here is the list...
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