Bridesmaid's Bleep Line

Don't complain to the bride, complain to us instead!
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Jenn's Voicemail Scandal

Jenn's gotten some seriously suspicious voicemails, and she's starting to get worried.
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Jenn's Threatening Voicemails

They might be spam, but then again they could be much, much worse.
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Voicemails To The Royal Couple

Congrats Prince Harry and Meghan! We've got some special people here with words of encouragement they'd like to share...
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JP's Voicemails to Heidi

JP left Heidi voicemails during is Bachelor Party, and they're so hilarious that she sent them to us!
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The Bridesmaid's Bleep Line is Back

You know you can't actually tell the bride and groom that everything they're doing is driving you mad, but you can tell us!
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Bridesmaid B***h Line

Bridesmaid B***h Line - Best of the Best!

Weddings can be a happy time, but they can also be a very stressful and frustrating time. That's why we have the Bridesmaid B***h Line. It has been a fun wedding season with all of the calls we've received, but unfortunately the wedding season is coming to an end. So here are the best calls we...
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UPDATE: Now Jeff it Totally Messing with Golf Cart Greg

UPDATE: Jeff took Jenn's advice and blew up Golf Cart Greg's voicemail with some ridiculous messages. Golf Cart Greg Update Jeff called the guy and told him he'd give him everything in his wallet, all $11 and a Papa John's coupon. That didn't go over quite so well, so the guy is threatening to call...
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