A New Dating Segment?

Jeff's idea for a new segment might not be our usual route, but should we try it anyway?
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Setting A "Boobie" Trap

J9's friend has a crazy plan to help save their friend from a bad marriage. But is it too much?
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Emily and Jenn

Failed First Kiss Needs A Fix!

Remember Emily? We brought her in to kiss a stranger and the stranger never showed. Bummer. But we brought her back to see if she's down for Jeff's new idea. Here we go! Jeff's New Idea for Emily from Love at First Kiss...
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Rude Cell Phone Use

Jeff's Idea to Curb Your Cell Use

Jeff has another brilliant idea that (he thinks) is going to change the world & it has to do with how much time you're wasting on your smartphone. As much as we hate to admit it, it's actually pretty brilliant. Jeff's Idea on Curbing Cell Phone Use...
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Holding Hands

Soulmates: Do They Exist?

Jenn doesn't believe in soulmates and she doesn't think she's alone here. Jeff believes and says a soulmate is "the one person on this planet that you find & go through the rest of your life together as one body & one soul." Jenn ain't buyin' it. Research shows people can meet "The ONE" at...
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