Ghosthunting: Peter and Brandon

Brandon may have thought that his roommate situation was freaky, but Kelly had something to top them all!
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The VaJury: Roommate Relations

Chad's worried about his wife's girls trip because she's rooming with her BFF who just came out as a lesbian.
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Confess Your Crush: Braedon and Michelle

This is by far the most awkward Confess Your Crush we've done yet!
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Confess Your Crush: Jake and Maritsa

Jake's got a crush on his old roommate! But why did he wait this long to tell her?
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Dumpster Fire: Moving My Roommate

You've heard of "Don't Poke the Bear." But what if the bear refuses to move, and you move it all yourself while they're gone?
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Ghosthunting With Audrey and Zack

Best Ghosthunting Yet! Phone scrolling, cats, baths, unanswered questions, it has it all.
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Bad Date

Ghost Hunting: Listeners Decide if Carrie or Darren is Right

Carrie called in for Jenn's ghosthunting help because she felt ghosted by Darren after their first date. Darren said he ghosted Carrie because her adult brother lives with her, but Carrie says that's his own issue. Our listeners called in with a clear opinion on who they feel is in the wrong and...
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Coffee Date

Ghost Hunting: Carrie Reacts to Darren's Reason for Ghosting

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, but she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our resident ghost hunter, and got Darren to explain why he ghosted. He felt it was weird that Carrie's adult brother lives with her, but...
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