What the Florida: Lions, and Tigers, and Yoga... Oh My!

Florida men caught breaking into.... spy shop. Looks like these two will not be continuing a life as spies. Full story HERE. Florida man brings daughter along for crime spree. The man brought his 4-year-old along with him on his burglary spree. Full story HERE. Yoga with... lions and tigers. An...
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Are You in the Loop? Tuesday, May 28

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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Yoga Mats

Your yoga mat could be toxic to you

That yoga mat you have is emitting harmful fumes.
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Kelly's Boyfriend Needs a New Name

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Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby Finale

They de-friended each other on social media?! Things just got sketchy!
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Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby

Sarah's going to approach her "best friend" to tell her everyone thinks her 6-month-old is actually her yoga instructor's kid instead of her husband's.
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Jenn Exercise

Jenn Meditates on Her Anger Issues!

Jenn went to a new place, Atmasphere, to exercise, and you can go cycling, do yoga, and meditate. She REALLY needed to mediate because she needed help with some frustrations. It was a guided meditation, but with a modern twist. The room was glowing, everyone was sitting on pillows, and everyone was...
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