David Had a "Unique" Gift for His Girlfriend

We had a listener who we now know as "Tattoo David" who called in and told us about a unique gift he got his girlfriend for Christmas. Meet David. David Has A Unique Gift for His Girlfriend None of us knew how David's girlfriend or the family would react but we knew we had to catch up with him...
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Worst Pickup Lines...EVER.

We've all heard bad pickup lines but what are the worst of the worst? Worst Pickup Lines Part 1 Oh no... These just keep getting worse. Worst Pickup Lines Part 2
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The Best & Worst Last Minute Costumes

It's Halloween and you don't have a costume, uh oh. Time to get creative! Our listeners shared some of their "creative" costume ideas with us this morning. The Best & Worst Last Minute Costumes And then Jenn a little last minute costume crisis of her own. Jenns Last Minute Costume Crisis
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Bad First Impression

Worst First Impressions

Jenn was in a restaurant and witnessed the WORST first impression! A guy was in a business meeting trying to impress a couple, and he stands up to shake everyone’s hands. But, his suit jacket brushes up against a glass of water and it goes EVERYWHERE. Everyone grabs their technology and he tries to...
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