Jeff and Jenn in Studio

Jenn's Advice for Women: How to Command Your Workplace

Jenn believes there is one simple thing you can do with your body that will make you be taken more seriously at work. She shares this with all of the interns that come in, and now she wants to share it with you! Jenn's Body Language Advice
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Me Time

Maternity vs. Me-ternity: Our Listeners are Riled Up!

After having a debate about maternity vs. me-ternity, our listeners called in with their very passionate opinions. We had women on each side of the debate, and Jeff and Jenn talked to a woman who is both an HR Professional and a mother herself.
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Me Time

Maternity vs. Me-ternity

So, she wants all the perk of maternity leave but she’s not pregnant & she didn’t have a baby?! Meghann Foye, the author of the novel “Meternity”, says she believes all women deserve mandated “me” time, pregnant or not. You can read the article about that here . Jenn lays down the law and lets...
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Jenn's Running Shoes

Jenn Needs Exercise Advice!

Jenn finally has the gear but not the time! She has been super busy working since the launch of the Jeff and Jenn Show, and then she is on mommy duty as soon as she gets home. This leaves little time for extra things like exercise. So when should she do it? Our listeners call in with tips of their...
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Mattie Reacts to Amanda's Call!

Mattie called in to get Jenn's Ghost Hunting help in finding her old coworker, Amanda. Amanda just disappeared from work after going to lunch one day and never coming back. Jenn got a hold of Amanda and got her on the phone to share her story. Mattie heard the entire thing, and you can hear her...
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Jenn Ghost Hunts for Mattie's Former Coworker!

Mattie needs Jenn's help in ghost hunting for a former coworker. Mattie's best work friend went to lunch one day and then never came back, and she doesn't know what happened to her. Mattie suspects she left because there were rumors she was dating someone else in the office, but she never got the...
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Jenn and Charlie Puth

Jeff Totally Caught Jenn Crying

Jenn is very emotional from nursing and coming back to work from her maternity leave, so she is missing her babies. So when Jenn was having an emotional moment at the Charlie Puth Switch Party, she tried to hide it from Jeff. But there was no way that he could. So our listeners call in to give Jenn...
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