The VaJury: The Office Flirt

Can he tell a coworker's husband that she flirts to get free stuff while she's at work?
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Awesomely Awkward: Clam Compliments

It all started when Kelly Cheese got a, uh, very personal compliment while getting a wax.
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#Girlproblems: The Gameday Edition

With an event as big as this Sunday's game, you KNOW there's gonna be some #girlproblems
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The VaJury: The Performance Problem

Should he tell an old flame that his "performance issues" are all cleared up now?
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List: These Are the Types of Men Who Most Likely to Cheat

Which men are most likely to cheat on their signficant other? Apparently, there's a list for that! The New York Post compiled a list based on multiple studies done on cheaters over the years and came up with a list. So here are the guys that made the list: Tall Men: And by tall, they mean 5'10" or...
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