Can't Find a Catch: Are Men Intimidated?

Do successful women intimidate men? Gina thinks we should dumb down for them.
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Awesomely Awkward: Clam Compliments

It all started when Kelly Cheese got a, uh, very personal compliment while getting a wax.
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Mistaken Identity

Her husband accidentally flirted with the wrong woman, but now the other woman is still texting him. Is she flirting?
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Another Awesomely Awkward Jeff Moment

Jeff truly is the King of awkward, and today he managed to embarrass himself before it even hit 5am. Proud of you, Jeff...
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Ghosthunting: With Melanie and James

Are we insensitive? Or did we get played? Who's in the right here?!
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Women, Why's It So Hard To Love Ourselves?

Jeff noticed the women of the show have a hard time thinking they're awesome, so we had an intervention for all women who struggle with this.
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Hot Guy

Hot Guys on Instagram

Listen up ladies, the women of the Jeff & Jenn show would like to make your day. Every day. All day. Earlier in the show, we talked about what creepy things women would do if they were men. Like Tanya, who saves pictures of her friends' husbands on her phone and then uses them when she's "alone...
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Girl Flirt

If I Was a Guy, I Would Be SO Creepy

Ladies, ever think about things you do that if you were a guy would be so creepy? We talked to Scott who told us his wife takes pictures of men's hands and send them to her friends. Any man who walked up to strange women asking for pictures of their hands would be so creepy, right?! So ladies, tell...
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Women in the Office

Cutthroat Women at Work: Mary's Drama with Her Mentor

UPDATE: Remember Mary from last week? She wanted a new job but in order to get it she'd have to throw a co-worker on the bus? We checked in with her this morning & Mary told us she didn't throw her co-worker under the bus & someone else in the office got the job. Bummer. But Jenn gave Mary...
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Jenn In Studio

Jenn's Advice on Saying "Just" and "Sorry"

Listen up ladies! Jenn has some great advice for us gals at the Jeff & Jenn Show and our lady listeners today! It's all about how we ladies can command an audience, what "filler words" to take out of your day-to-day vocabulary (men or women!), and why gals in general need to stop apologizing...
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