Types of Moms

Are you the "always late" mom? Or how about the ""Chardonnay every day" mom?
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Too Easy To Fail?

Ever think a class was gonna be SO easy, but you ended up almost failing? These guys sure did!
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Drunk Girl or Toddler?

Are they describing a drunk girl or a toddler? It's surprisingly difficult, see if you can guess right!
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How Did Your Kid Sell You Out?

Jenn's daughter told her teacher Jenn's favorite drink was "Wine." When did your kid throw you under the bus?
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Jenn's Nanny's Wedding Dumpster Fire

She had to replace her wedding dress the morning of! And even worse, it was because of her own mother.
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Pat Monahan of Train

A girl, a bottle, a boat... behind the scenes with Train!

Star 94.1 and Greer Howard had a chance to talk with Pat Monahan of Train backstage at this year's Jingle Jam... they talked NEW music, WINE and MORE, drink up and enjoy!
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