A Cat Song For A Special Cat Wedding

We've got another instant hit cat song for Moonpie & Maddux, the soon to be newlyweds! Cat Song for Kim 9.19.16
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Can You Boot A Bridesmaid?

You asked your girl to be a bridesmaid and now you wish you could cut her out of the wedding completely. Is that allowed?! Can You Boot A Bridesmaid Our callers were all for giving her the boot. Boot A Bridesmaid Calls
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Jeff's BIG Bachelor Party Surprise!

Ever since Jeff cancelled his bachelor party Jenn, his fiance Callie, and his buddies have been working hard to plan a surprise bachelor party for him and today Jenn finally got to tell him what they've been up to. FYI, Jeff hates surprises. Check out Jeff's reaction when Jenn tells him she's got a...
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Jeff & Callie's Wedding Survey

Jenn asked Jeff & Callie the same questions about how they met and when they fell in love. Lets see if they answer the questions the same or different. Round 1 had Jeff tearing up a little bit. Jeff's Wedding Survey Round 2 Callie & Jeff tell us why they want to get married. Jeff...
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Jeff's Got Wedding RSVP Blues

Jeff & Callie are only five weeks away from their big day and the RSVP's have started coming in but Jeff's got some RSVP blues. Jeffs RSVP Blues
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Songs You Won't Hear at Jeff's Wedding

We asked and you delivered. These are some of the songs you won't be hearing at Jeff & Callie's wedding. Songs You Wont Hear At Jeffs Wedding
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Callie and Jeff

Jeff's Wedding Dilemma

UPDATE: Jenn's ready to play ball and make a final decision for Jeff's awkward situation, but our listeners are throwing a major curve ball our way. More Calls on Jeff's Wedding Dilemma Jeff is two months away from his big day, and he has a bit of a situation. A guest list situation. His...
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Bride and Bridesmaids

Does She REALLY Want to be Maid of Honor?

Renee just got engaged, and she asked her friend Rayne to be a co-maid of honor. She says Rayne isn’t acting like she wants to be maid of honor, so she needs Jeff and Jenn to intervene and find out if Rayne is in it with her. Renee Wonders about Her Maid of Honor Rayne says the other maid of honor...
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Jaquie Goncher

All the Feels - Paralyzed at 17, Jaquie Walked Down the Aisle

You may remember hearing the incredible story of Jaquie, the wheelchair-bound woman who worked for months so she could walk down the aisle at her wedding. Today, Jaquie was gracious enough to share the story herself. Terrified that she may never walk again after a diving injury at only 17, Jaquie...
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Create Your Own "Ad"

These listener-written ads are hilarious! Inspired by a woman selling her wedding dress after her divorce, Jeff asked listeners to come up with ads for what they wish they could kick to the curb. Like that old guitar you tried so hard to be good at, or that Political Science Degree that can double...
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