Wedding Interruption Poker

We compared stories of REAL wedding interruptions and competed to see who had the worst story of them all! Wedding Interruption Poker
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All The Feels: Scubaman!

This ATF story had the girls giggling like 6th graders!
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Phone Scam: The One With the Department of Divorce

What would happen if you found out your Fiance was married before, and hid it from you? THEN what if you found out they were still married!?. Phone Scam The One With The Department of Divorce
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Ed Sheeran

Is Ed Sheeran Married? Probably

The “Shape Of You” singer is no longer denying it
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Confess Your Crush: Dani and Dustin

Dani is calling dibs on Dustin!
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Jenn's Hero Wedding Planner

Ashley caught a wedding crasher stealing gifts from weddings around Georgia!
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It's Not Your Day!

Jeff's friend is about to make a HUGE surprise her best friend's wedding!
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Confess Your Crush:Donny and Kori

She's confessing her crush to her wedding DJ!
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My Husband Cried on our Wedding Night

Is this a good cry or a bad cry...?
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Musician Ed Sheeran and fiance Cherry Seaborn look on during soccer game in Ipswich, England.

Ed Sheeran's Plans to Build a Private Wedding Chapel Rejected

Ed Sheeran and his fiancée, Cherry Seaborn, were reportedly trying to build a private church tower on the grounds of Sheeran’s home for their wedding.
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