Jingle Jam 2018 Video

WATCH: Check out what you missed at Jingle Jam in 60 seconds!

Couldn't make it to Jingle Jam Wednesday night? Miss seeing Brynn Elliott, Jesse McCartney and O.A.R with their special surprise guest... Big Boi!?!? Check out as much of the event as we could cram into 60 seconds above!
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WATCH: The Jeff & Jenn Show's Breaking & Entering 2018!

Every day we wake up and thank God for our jobs. But on days like this, we just shake our heads and can't believe we get to do this. Jeff & Jenn's Breaking & Entering 2018 was awesome! Once again this year we came across a family that truly was in a bad spot. They weren't going to have much...
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The Payless Prank

Payless pulled off an amazing prank on its customers!
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I'm Not Crying, You Are

Sometimes, something hits you and you just have to drop to your knees. Jeffery had one of those moments. The short video below will bring tears to your eyes. In a good way. :-)
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The Jeff & Jenn Show's "Catch That Bey-Bey"!

The Jeff & Jenn Show took turns running over to The Battery Friday morning and trying to "Catch That Bey-Bey!" If you missed Jenn's humiliation and Jeff's triumph and celebrating, you gotta check out these videos! Here's Jenn's first attempt: And her second attempt: Finally, Jeff steps in and...
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Challenge Accepted: Drake Drops A Video For “In My Feelings”

“This is not a Taye Diggs movie sir! You a grown man”
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SmileGrams for Kre

Send Kre a message and a smile while she's receiving treatment at CHOA. It's free and takes just a few minutes!
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James TW Says He's Thought About Working In Starbucks...

James TW stopped by the radio station before heading over to The Variety Playhouse to open up for Andy Grammer tonight. Andy had a chance to chat with James for a bit. Aside from digging into James' backstory, James let us in on some secrets. Especially secrets to success in this business! When and...
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WATCH: Halsey's Music Video for "Alone" Drops on Friday

We're so ready for Halsey's video for the song "Alone" from her hopeless fountain kingdom album, and we won't have to wait very long to see it! Of course, If you're a Halsey fan you know that all of her music videos for the album are along the same storyline. She discusses that in an interview with...
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After hearing a viral video from a bullying victim, the show discussed the issue of bullying and how we can all help stop it.
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