Are You In The Loop? Monday, August 12

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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Curtis on the Corner: Women's World Cup Final

Curtis watched the US Women's soccer team dominate the World Cup!
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Can You Name The Candidates for Vice President?

Director JP found out pretty quick that not everyone knows the names of the candidates for Vice-President. Do you? Can You Name the Candidates for Vice President? Tune in tonight to watch these two go head to head in the Vice-Presidential debate.
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Intern Zoe

Intern Zoe and Chinese Food

Our intern Zoe is from China, but goes to school at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and was confused about a few things when she first came over to the United States. She was talking to her friends about food, and she thought that chicken fingers were the same thing as a delicacy in China.....
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Veteran Saluting Flag for Memorial Day

David About Town: Memorial Day

David About Town is usually light and funny, but Producer David wanted to make this a different and special edition of David About Town. When you think of Memorial Day, you typically think of the kickoff of summer, grilling out, going to the pool or the lake, and having a day off of work. Producer...
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USA Women's Soccer Team

Tingle Totally Pranked Us!

The USA Women's Soccer Team filed suit to be paid just as much as the USA Men's National Team, because they make about 40% of what the men are making even though they brought in $20 million more in revenue than the guys last year. Jenn had a very strong opinion about how they should be paid equally...
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