The Fake-Pregnancy Dumpster Fire

Wouldn't it be funny to FAKE a pregnancy?! No actually. Probably not. But Elizabeth thinks otherwise!
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The Update on Dumpster Fire Dana

Dana's back to tell us how her weekend went!
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Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave

Jeff's worried his brother, Big Dave, has fallen for a woman who is scamming him & putting him in danger. Big Dave is planning on flying to the Philippines & meeting her face to face for the first time in a couple weeks. Jeff wants to make sure he's safe and wants to know if there are any...
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Reese is Home!

It was a good weekend for Reese, she is home and she responded well to the first week of chemo treatments. Jeff said he visited them every day but one day, and Jenn and Reese were both great the entire week. Jenn will be able to give updates herself because she will be back in the studio with us...
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Love at First Kiss Kiss

Love at First Kiss: Paula Went on a First Date with Jeff!

You might remember Paula and Jeff, the brave duo who met for our Love at First Kiss segment and locked lips within seconds. Was it love at first kiss? Well, they ended up going on a first date! Paula joins us to give the full lowdown on what happened during the date and why her legs are all...
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Jenn and Daughters

Jenn Gives an Update on Reese's Journey to Beat Cancer

Jenn was able to join the show for a short time to update us on Reese’s battle to beat cancer. She explains that currently they know that there’s a plum-sized Germ-cell tumor in her abdomen, and they’re awaiting results from the biopsy to know what exactly is inside. Reese began chemo and will be...
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Talking on Phone

Listeners Weigh In on Tabitha's Betrayal

While Tabitha was away, her BF and her best friend made plans to hang out. She expressed her unhappiness about it to her boyfriend after he and Tabitha's best friend hung out, and the boyfriend then went and told the best friend that Tabitha wasn't happy. Now, Tabitha feels betrayed by her...
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Holding Hands

Tabitha Feels Betrayed by Her Boyfriend!

Tabitha has been on with us about an issue she is having with her boyfriend and her best friend. While Tabitha was away, her BF and her best friend made plans to hang out. They let her know ahead of time, but she wasn't very happy about it. When she expressed this to her boyfriend after he and...
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