5-Year-Old Creates 'Up' Photoshoot With Great-Grandparents

The sky is the limit for a 5-year-old who did a photoshoot with his great grandparents while dressed up as characters from the Pixar classic film "Up." Rachel Perman is the photographer who took on this project. Perman shared the photoshoot on her photography page . On Perman’s page, she wrote that...
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UPDATE: Did Jeff Find Love For Our Listener?

UPDATE: Are Nick and Terry still going strong?
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Comfort in Numbers: Hook-Up Prevention Methods

She writes on herself before she goes out to prevent a hook-up. Weird? Yes. But not as weird as our last call...
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Breaking Up After The Holidays

Who's waiting till after the holidays to end the relationship? Apparently it's a pretty common thing to do.
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Break Up With Them For Me

Listen here to find out just how awkward our first try at this new segment went!
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Jeff Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard Breakups

Yea, you heard it right -- Mouth guard break ups. Jeff read out some of the most commonly used lines used for break ups while wearing a mouthguard & Producer Kelly Cheese had to guess what he was saying. Either Kelly's been dumped more than she told us or she's got a past in the dental field we...
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