Should You Hug At Work?

Is hugging at work a total no-no?
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Pop The Question

The fun game where we answer all sorts of squirmy and uncomfortable questions. The kinds you'd NEVER want to answer in front of your coworkers.
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A Ghosthunting Request for a Son's Prom Date

A dad wants find out why his son's prom date is ghosting. I mean, should we even agree to this one?
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Can't Speak

Words You Just Can't Say

They're not curse words, they're not dirty words, but boy do they make you squirm.
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They Ate Thanksgiving Dinner With Their Hands

Steph told us about a co-worker who invited her to Thanksgiving dinner but her co-worker left out a minor detail about the actual dinner. They Ate Thanksgiving Dinner With Their Hands Part 1 We wanted to see if anyone had suggestions for Steph and then we got a call from the co-worker she spent...
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Uncomfortable Parental Incidents (UPI)

We all remember that one movie we went to see with our parents and that one scene happened that no one saw coming. These are what we like to call Uncomfortable Parental Incidents (UPI's). Uncomfortable Parental Incident Part 1 Kelly Cheese had a UPI happen just the other day. Uncomfortable Parental...
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