To Lie or Not To Lie?

Is it okay to lie on the first date?
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Two Truths and a Lie: Jeff and Jenn Style

Has Jeff only been punched in the face once in his life? Does Jenn want to adopt a third child?
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Two Truths and A Kelly Lie

Can Kelly make up a lie to stump Jeff and Jenn? They've been friends for a decade and know almost everything about each other!
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Two Truths and A Lie: Round 2

Did Jeff not know what nail clippers were until COLLEGE?
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Honeymoon Dilemma: She Ruined the Surprise but He Doesn't Know It!

UPDATE: We caught up with Molly who, after snooping through her fiance's computer, found out where they were going for their honeymoon & wasn't excited about it - at all. Molly decided to fess up & tell her fiance about 90% of the truth over the weekend, maybe leaving out the whole "I went...
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