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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy UPDATE

Last week, Curtis took over Producer Beau's dating profiles. Turns out, neither of them have game. Can you help them out with some advice?
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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy

Can Curtis land a date...for Beau? He's taking over our Producer Beau's online dating profile, so let's hope so.
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Curtis on the Corner: John Mayer or Tinder Profile?

This one's harder than you think!
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Tinder Festival Mode

Tinder Wants You to Swipe Right at Music Festivals

( WXRT ) - I don't know if it's your thing to try and find love at a music festival, but if there's any inclination to do so, Tinder made it that much easier. The popular dating app announced a new feature Thursday called Festival Mode, allowing users to mark music festivals they're attending and...
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Confess Your Crush: Spencer and Tasha

This might be our most awkward Confess Your Crush yet!
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Making a ex jealous...?

Apparently people do this....and they're proud of it!
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What The Florida

Why did the monkey go to Florida?
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Ghosthunting: Jessica hunting Jason!

They met on Tinder and had two great dates, and had what she thought was a GREAT kiss.
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Facebook Is Launching a Dating App!

“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships — not just for hookups,” Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg joked during the announcement.
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Confess Your Crush: Leah and Wesley

Leah confesses her crush to Wesley but quickly realizes he has a double-standard.
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