Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Holiday Co-parenting

Are you in, or did you grow up in a co-parenting situation? Producer Beau is in a co-parenting situation for the first time during holidays this season, and is having trouble figuring out where the line is between all families getting to see the kids and the two parents getting their own time...
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Ghost Hunting: Amelia and Rodney

He won't return any of her calls!
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UPDATE: Thanksgiving Revenge

This mother-in-law is driving Kim crazy!
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Christmas Fireplace and Xmas Tree, Presents Gifts Decorations

Decorating For The Holidays Early Can Make You Happier

Is decking the halls before Thanksgiving too soon?
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#Girl Problems: Thanksgiving Edition

Tis the season for stretchy pants at the dinner table.
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The Publix Thanksgiving Day commercial got me in my feels

I saw it for the first time last weekend, and it sent me scurrying to YouTube to see if they'd posted it, because I KNEW I'd want to share it once I could. So here I am, doing just that. I'm talking about the 2018 Publix Thanksgiving commercial, featuring a busy mom in a "buzzing with activity"...
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Cute dog asking for food. Maltese, dinner.

What Thanksgiving Scraps Can I Give My Dog?

Know what you can and can't treat your pets with this holiday season.
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Co-worker's Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner

She was invited to Thanksgiving a couple of years ago but something weird went down. Can she go again?
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In The Loop: November 14, 2018!

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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Thanksgiving Turkey

5 Things People Google Most Around Thanksgiving

What are the most googled terms around Thanksgiving? CenturyLink did some research and here's what they found.
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