V.I.T. Club! Your chance at P!NK tickets coming your way Friday!

Teachers! It's not QUITE the end of the school year yet, and truthfully, it's not even Spring Break yet. BUT... you CAN celebrate a little in mid-March wt the P!NK concert! She's playing State Farm Arena on March 12th, and we've got YOUR shot at tickets! We'll send you a link to the secret contest...
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Teachers Only Happy Hour 2018

PHOTOS: Teachers Only Happy Hour!

As we near the beginning of the school year, we really wanted to do something special for the teachers in our V.I.T. Club! So we completely took over Pastis, in downtown Roswell on Canton St, and threw a party for over 200 teachers. Complete with a spelling bee, a comedy set from comedian Lace...
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Discounts on Back To School Shopping For Teachers

Ahhhh... the end of Summer. For some parents, it's an INSANELY HAPPY time. For other parents, it's a sad time. They will miss spending time with their children at home during the day, trips to Six Flags White Water, time in the backyard pool and more. But for teachers, it's an intense time of...
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All The Feels!

These inspirational and feel-good stories are guaranteed to start your weekend off right!
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Ron Clark's Message for Teachers

Renowned Atlanta Educator Ron Clark joins us in-studio to pass on some excellent lessons from his years of experience.
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Join Our V.I.T. Club for Very Important Teachers!

We LOVE teachers. A lot. So we've created a Club JUST for you teachers! We'll have exclusive contests, events, and emails JUST for you all! Wanna be among the first with a chance to get into Teachers Only Happy Hours ? Make sure you are signed up into the V.I.T. Club! Sign up here and join our V.I...
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Hot Sam the Donut Man

We've got a new delivery man on the team!
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Our Hilarious Friend Hank Denson

We replayed our friend Hank Denson's hilarious stand up from our "Teachers Tell All" event and people couldn't stop calling and asking us to post it this morning. Here ya go - laugh & enjoy! Hank Denson Comedy Clip.mp3 If you want to see Hank live he's performing at the same comedy show...
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David About Town: Teachers

We have been celebrating teachers all week, like an impromptu Teacher Appreciation week, since everyone is heading back to school. Little known fact about Producer David, he majored in early childhood education for one semester...and only one semester. After working at a daycare for a summer, he...
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Jeff and Jenn's Teachers ONLY Happy Hour!

Jeff and Jenn hosted a TEACHERS ONLY Happy Hour at MadLife Stage & Studios in Woodstock on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016.
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