Start your week off with a little bit of gratitude, and you'll be surprised how great the rest of the week can feel!
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All the Feels

We hope these stories can inspire you to do something kind as well!
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Hot Sam the Donut Man

We've got a new delivery man on the team!
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Ghost Hunting: Follow Up with Angelina & Mr. Jacobs

For the first time ever we followed up with one of our Ghost Hunting stories. Remember Angelina who told us about a crush she still had on one of her teachers from back in High School, Mr. Jacobs? We found the guy & he creeped everyone out except Angelina. (Didn't hear the original story? Check...
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Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs

Angelina told us about a high school teacher she had a crush on ten years ago. Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs Part 1 We talked to Mr. Jacobs to see what he's been up to and if he even remembers Angelina. Ghost Hunting: Angelina hunting Mr. Jacobs Part 2 Yuck, what a creep! But wait, it...
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Miss Hines & Her Class Have Something to Say to the Kid Jeff Caught Cheating

The other day Jeff told us a story about catching a kid cheating on his school work. A listener called in right after and said the kid was "being resourceful." Well, Miss Hines and her class have something to say about that. Miss Hines & Her Class Have Something to Say to the Kid Jeff Caught...
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Gary & Suzanne

Gary told us he and his long time girlfriend, Suzanne, have been off and on for almost four years. Yowza. He wants to know, where is this relationship going? Where Is This Relationship Going Greg & Suzanne 1 We called Suzanne and she gave us the scoop on her feelings towards Gary. Where Is This...
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I Always Knew I Wanted To Be...

Jenn's daughter Lauren always says she wants to be a doctor and take care of babies. She's only three and Jenn's wondering, can kids know what they want to be when they're so young? I Always Knew What I Wanted To Be... How cool is that?!
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Kids Back to School

"I'm Sad About My Kids Going Back To School"... Said No Parent Ever

The kids are back to school, and you’re back to bliss. School is back in session, and parents all over the city talk about enjoying their quiet time, cleaning time, and even skinny-dipping time! We just can’t get enough of these calls. Glad Kids are Back in School The blunt honesty these parents...
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David About Town: Teachers

We have been celebrating teachers all week, like an impromptu Teacher Appreciation week, since everyone is heading back to school. Little known fact about Producer David, he majored in early childhood education for one semester...and only one semester. After working at a daycare for a summer, he...
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