Selena Gomez Shows Off Brand-New Thigh Tattoo

Selena Gomez commemorated her return to the stage in a permanent way. After performing for the first time in two years by opening the American Music Awards, the 27-year-old celebrated by flaunting her new upper thigh tattoo on Instagram. View this post on Instagram AMAs day.. more to come..-- A...
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My Kind of Crazy: Revenge on an Ex

What revenge have you gotten on an ex?
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Maddie Needs Help!

Maddie's boyfriend has a mysterious tattoo that he won't explain.
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Tattoo Regrets

From bad translations, to ink allergies, to results that looked just plain awful, your stories had us really feelin' for ya.
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There's a Lot on the Line for Scott and Even More for Sweetwater

People make bets when there's this much excitement in the air, and when the Dirty Birds win in Houston those bets are going to pay off BIG. Maybe it's an awesome tattoo of Arthur Blank riding a falcon holding a trophy. Or maybe it's even bigger than that. Maybe our very own homegrown Sweetwater...
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David Had a "Unique" Gift for His Girlfriend

We had a listener who we now know as "Tattoo David" who called in and told us about a unique gift he got his girlfriend for Christmas. Meet David. David Has A Unique Gift for His Girlfriend None of us knew how David's girlfriend or the family would react but we knew we had to catch up with him...
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Awesomely Awkward.

We're back it again with stories of when we’ve done inexplicably awkward things. Awesome Awkward 10.17.16 Part 1 Kelly Cheese insulted her boss & Director JP accidentally went skinny dipping at a swim meet. Didn't think it could get any more awkward? Oh, it does. Awesomely Awkward 10.17.16 Part...
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Guy Getting Tattoo

This Bet May Go Too Far!

Vanessa wants to stop someone from making a huge mistake he's being peer pressured into by her own sister. Her sister would win a bet but he'd be living with this mistake forever. Everyone is so not doing this. Tweety Bird Tattoo Tweety Bird Tattoo Part 2
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Adam Levine's new ink...

A photo posted by Adam Levine (@adamlevine) on Feb 22, 2016 at 4:05pm PST
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