Buddy the Cat

Everyday Heroes: Save a Kitten

Our listener is trying desperately to save an animal, but they can't do it alone!
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Curtis on the Corner: Plastic Surgery

Curtis visited Marietta Plastic Surgery!
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I Dread Things That Will NEVER Happen to Me

This is definitely normal right?
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The VaJury: Showin' Off A New Set of "Twins"

He says his fiance is showing off WAY too much after breast implants, and wants to ask her to stop.
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All the Feels

Where we share stories from near and far to remind you of all the good in the world!
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Jeff Grossed Out by Jenn

Jenn Tries to Gross out Jeff

Jenn handed a little container to Jeff this morning with her dogs teeth in it! What, why did she have her dog's teeth ?! Gross! Jenn had to bring her dog, Caroline, to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and the vet took out some of her teeth that needed to be removed. Well, apparently people like...
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Jenn Skin Cancer Tweet

Jenn's Skin Cancer Surgery is Helping Others

Jenn went to the dermatologist after thinking a place on her nose was skin cancer, and it turns out that it was. So, she had minor surgery on her nose to get rid of the skin cancer and it was successful. After sharing her story on the show, a woman reached out to Jenn on Twitter to let Jenn know...
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Jeff and Jenn Show Bandages

Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery and Jeff Is Freaked!

UPDATE: Our sweet Jenn came to work with bandages on her face (side note: she still looks AH-dorable) today after her minor surgery she had to remove skin cancer. Jeff's still squirming in his chair over all this surgery talk. We got the low down from Jenn's nurse, Ashley, who told us warning signs...
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Graduation Boobs: Great Gift or Too Early?

Jenn has a friend who is giving her 18 year old daughter a boob job for graduation and Jenn doesn't know how she feels about it. Is it sending the wrong message or boosting her self esteem? Our listeners called in and some said she's an adult and should be able to do what she want. Graduation Boobs...
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New Boobs

Booby Talk: How to Address New Boobs

When your friend gets new glasses or a new haircut you talk about it, right? What about when your friend gets a boob job, do you acknowledge it? Some callers say you don't say anything and our favorite caller said, "Yea! Talk about it! Ask to touch them!" We agree. Let's talk about it! Boob Job:...
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