Jeff's Christmas Confession

Jeff's been holding onto a Christmas secret for two decades, and Jenn and Kelly are NOT letting him get away with it.
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The Fingerlings Monkey Thief

Is it cool to swipe a toy from someone's unattended shopping cart?
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Wedding Thieves

We all stole something from Show Director JP's wedding on Saturday. Shh, don't tell.
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A Cat Song for Puma and Jaguar

These two black cats know how to get messy!
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Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave

Jeff opened up about something very personal he's been struggling with for months. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 1 Listeners called in to give advice and one of our listeners told a horrifying story & shook up the show. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 2 Jeff wasn't sure if he...
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Is This Kid Cheating Or Is He Being Resourceful?

Jeff saw a kid being tutored and then watched him steal his tutors cheat sheet but our listener Michelle says he's being resourceful. Our callers were not having it. Is this kid cheating or being resourceful
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Around the Room: Stealing

A story came out on a guy who was arrested for filling his cup with soda when he asked for water and didn't pay. Because of his prior arrests, he now faces up to 5 years in prison. All over a cup of soda! The Jeff and Jenn Show went around the room to share their own stories of things they have...
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Amanda Caught Her CEO Stealing!

Amanda thought the CEO of her company was stealing from people's desks at work. She busted her by setting up a hidden camera in a clock radio and then gave the footage to the HR. But, the CEO totally denied it.
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