Curtis On The Corner 9-4-19

Do you do anything to annoy your spouse? Curtis hits the streets to ask this question to several listeners...
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Group Therapy: Going to Bed Angry

We're here to help with all your life problems!
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UPDATE: Missed the Mark: Ex Introduction

Mark ran into an ex recently and wasn't sure if he should introduce her to his wife!
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The Great Laundry Debate

Are they normal?
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Betting With A Spouse

Have you ever made a bet with your spouse?
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Spouse Secrets

One woman is lying about who her own parents are!
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Keeping Secrets From Spouse

"My husband doesn't know that I have false teeth."
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Spying On Your Spouse

Sue hires a PI twice a year to try to catch her husband cheating. Her reasoning? "All men cheat eventually."
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Husband in Hospital

My Husband is in the Hospital...and I Know Why!

This morning we told y'all about the skydiver who jumped 25,000 without a parachute and landed safely. Yowza! You can read his story here ! Well, Jeff thought the idea was ridiculous because the guy has a wife and a kid. Then he got to thinking, if you got a phone call saying your significant other...
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Jeff's Letter

Jeff's Letter to His Friend

Dear Friend, Am I out of line for doing this? I don't know. I'm about to go in on something really, really personal. Something so intimate that I've never discussed it with anyone before. But I feel like I have to. I've thought about you every single day recently, and I feel like I should trust my...
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