Life Advice in 5 Words or Less

We asked our framily to send us advice that was only 5 words or less and we are feeling inspired!! Life Advice in 5 Words or Less
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Battle of the Blankenships

We're here to motivate YOU! And today, Jeannine reminded us all to love ourselves.
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Did this Maid of Honor steal the show with her speech?

And how did the newlyweds feel about it?
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Jeff & Callie's Wedding Reception

We've got a sneak peek into Jeff & Callie's beautiful reception. Our girl Jenn Hobby kicked it off with a quick & heartfelt speach about the her best friend Jeff & his new bride Callie. Jeff and Callies Wedding Reception Jenns Speech Bridesmaid Jenna & Best man George stepped up...
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Kindergarten Graduation

Jeff's Kindergarten Commencement Speech

High schoolers are graduating and heading on to college. College students are graduating and heading out into the working world. But there is also a special group graduating...kindergarteners. They have their own special graduation heading into the first grade, and Jeff was amazed at this. So, he...
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That's how to give a speech!

After a long wait, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar for Best Actor... Take a listen to his speech. . @SamsungMobileUS presents Leo's Best Actor #Oscars acceptance speech! https://t.co/4LDPWoVSKv — ABC Network (@ABCNetwork) February 29, 2016
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