Asking Dad's Permission

A boy went old-school to ask Barbara's daughter to Homecoming, but she thinks it's sexist.
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Trashed or Toddler

Our favorite guessing game is back! Can you tell the difference between a drunk adult and a typical toddler?
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Helping With Hypnosis: Letting Go Of Woobie

Jessica is 26, and she still just can't let go of her Woobie. Can we help her?
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My Kid's Gonna Fail College

We hoped nobody would call for this, but Laura proved us wrong and so much more.
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The Most EPIC Lie

Jeff caught a guy in the middle of a HUGE lie, and we're all astounded at how deep it goes.
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There's no better feeling than remembering what you're grateful for, so share it with us!
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Ghosthunting: Gary Hunting His Son's Prom Date

This is SO not your normal Ghosthunting. Can you say invasive parenting?
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A Ghosthunting Request for a Son's Prom Date

A dad wants find out why his son's prom date is ghosting. I mean, should we even agree to this one?
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Kid as the Parent

Parenting Your Parent

Jenn's mom is worse than her three-year-old! Family hiking for Jenn apparently means teaching the whole family about respecting nature, and sometimes making sure the little ones learn right the first time requires some hard talks with Grandma. Parenting Your Parent There's never a shortage of...
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Kid in Ball Pit

Bad Moms #ParentingForReal

Let's be honest, Jenn is sick and tired of the perfect pictures of your kids on social media. She's tired of all the smiling, perfectly clean, happy family photos. After seeing the movie Bad Moms, she's ready for some bad mom stories! It's time for #ParentingForReal. Bad Moms #ParentingForReal Our...
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