Send Ellie a SmileGram!

Framily, our girl Ellie needs you and all the good vibes you can send her way!! She's 8 years old and on her journey to beat ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) at Scottish Rite. Ellie's a third grader and LOVES science. She also loves to play outside and hang out with her bestie Caleb. Mom says...
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All The Feels

Kind gesture and acts of kindness have us misty eyed this morning!
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Rhyme Time! The Soccer Edition

How quick are you with your words? Play along with listeners and find out!
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Go Atlanta United, Go!

Atlanta's soccer team won big this weekend, and Kelly Cheese was there to soak it all in.
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What Are Your Sport Superstitions?

Director JP told us you don't bring up goats or bring goats around Cubs fans but why?? What Are Your Sports Superstitions Part 1 JP isn't the only one. Our sporty listeners told us all about their own superstitions. What Are Your Sports Superstitions Part 2 She wore the same sports bra for how long...
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USA Women's Soccer Team

Tingle Totally Pranked Us!

The USA Women's Soccer Team filed suit to be paid just as much as the USA Men's National Team, because they make about 40% of what the men are making even though they brought in $20 million more in revenue than the guys last year. Jenn had a very strong opinion about how they should be paid equally...
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