Is Chapstick Addiction A Thing?

Jeff thinks it's ridiculous, but it sounds like there's some serious truth to it.
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Who Got Thrown Out At The Wedding?

These stories of too-intense wedding guests is sure to make you behave next time you're a guest.
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Sneaky Pics

Should Stephanie dump this guy for denying taking sneaky pics of another woman?
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Snack Smuggling Skills

How do you get your goods past the gates?
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Church Camp Confessions

Nobody's perfect, not even at church camp.
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Kelly Sneaky

Jeff is in a Predicament

Jeff asked Jenn & Producer Kelly Cheese for some advice for a predicament he's found himself in with a "friend" of his. Halfway through telling us about this "friend" Producer Kelly realized Jeff was talking about her! Time to call out Kelly! She's been sending pictures to Jeff & Jenn all...
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