Ghosthunting: Stephanie and Alex

Stephanie thought they'd become best friends! But she's got a weird habit that Alex and the rest just can't get over.
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Are Jeff and Jenn Gross?

Jeff and Jenn need some comfort in numbers after Jenn's Husband called them both gross.
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Bathroom Etiquette

How do you not get blamed for someone else's...uh...lasting bathroom presence?
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The VaJury

When a man can't decide if he's in the wrong a panel of women will hear his story, deliberate, then deliver the va-verdict.
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Too Much Perfume

Perfume Etiquette

Jeff has a friend that smells a little TOO good. He needs your advice!
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Jeff Sniffs Clothes

Shirt Smell Test: Does Jeff Really Choose His Fiancee?

Jenn & Producer Kelly put Jeff to the ultimate smell test after finding out that people subconsciously pick their mate based on their body odor. We asked Jeff's friends, co-workers, & fiance Callie to give us shirts they've worn to see which smell he's most attracted to. You can also see...
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