Sound Smart Tonight

Wanna sound smart during the game tonight, but know less about football than Jeff does? Here's everything you need to know!
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Is 'Ugly Hot' A Thing?

Jeff heard some women discussing "ugly hot" men, and needed some answers.
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Stop Coddling The Kids

Kim thinks her kid's teacher needs to stop telling kids they're smart or handsome when they're 'stupid and fat'.
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Brilliant or Bonehead

Are these people totally brilliant for what they tried to do? Or absolute boneheads?
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I'm Scared My Kid Might Be Smarter Than Me

It's the day every parent is scare of, the day you realize your child is smarter than you. I'm Scared My Kid Might Be Smarter Than Me Part 1 The calls just kept coming in. I'm Scared My Kid Might Be Smarter Than Me Part 2 They do say there is comfort in numbers, if that helps any parents...
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Kid in Trouble

Your Kid's in Trouble...but You're Secretly Impressed

Jeff's friend had a kid who wanted to go to a friend's house, and the way she got over to the friend's house was by ordering Chinese food delivered and paid the delivery driver $10 to give her a ride to her friend's place. Her mom had to ground her for getting a ride with a stranger, but she was...
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