Secret Spots for Singles to Mingle

Jeff heard a rumor about a Publix that's actually a secret spot for singles to meet & mingle. There's even a code for where to put your bananas if you're single & looking. Secret Spots for Singles to Mingle
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Hook Up or Hang Up?

Jeff has an idea for a new dating game and our girl Alicia is up for being our first listener to give it a try. Hook Up or Hang Up Part 1 Audio unavailable . Hook Up or Hang Up Part 1 Audio unavailable . Hook Up or Hang Up Part 2 Hook Up or Hang Up Part 2 Hook Up or Hang Up Part 2 Want to be a part...
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting: Mandy Wants to Find Her High School Sweetheart

UPDATE: Jeff and Jenn were able to get David on the phone, and he clearly remembers Mandy. Since high school, David has become the chief of staff for a lawmaker in DC. But, he just got married. Which is great for him, but not so much for Mandy. But he still wants to get in touch with Mandy, he's...
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Not that Into You

Where is This Relationship Going - Is Misty into Scott?

Misty and Scott have exclusively been dating for four months. Misty has been offered a new job opportunity in Greenville, which is only two hours from Atlanta. But, Misty isn’t too sure if she wants to continue with this relationship. She wants to test the waters to see how Scott feels about them...
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Kelly Wedding Solo

Producer Kelly's Advice on Riding Solo at Weddings

Hey guys, Producer Kelly Cheese here! I'd like to think I'm a pro at flying solo to weddings, so I thought I'd give some advice to any of you ladies (or lads!) on how to conquer a wedding without a date. It's actually a lot of fun to go solo, trust me! 1. Go confidently into the wedding. People are...
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