How to Become Close with Your Siblings As an Adult

Producer Jeannine needs our help!
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All The Feels!

This app is saving lives, one click at a time.
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Attempted Sibling Murder

Jeff's an only child and had no idea how bad having siblings could get...until he heard these calls.
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Jeff's Christmas Cards

Jeff's an only child, and he has NO idea what he's about to get into...
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Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave

Jeff's worried his brother, Big Dave, has fallen for a woman who is scamming him & putting him in danger. Big Dave is planning on flying to the Philippines & meeting her face to face for the first time in a couple weeks. Jeff wants to make sure he's safe and wants to know if there are any...
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Siblings Brother Sister

Sibling Confessions

Producer Kelly Cheese has a secret she's been keeping from her family for almost FIFTEEN YEARS. Yowza, what'd she do? You'll have to listen to find out but we'll tell you this, her family has blamed her brother for what happened and she's never owned up to it...after all these years?! Sibling...
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